Reabrook fully on board with UK microbeads ban.

Reabrook Limited fully supports the UK Government’s legislation that bans the use of plastic microbeads in rinse-off cosmetic products.

As of 9th January 2018, plastic microbeads can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products in the United Kingdom. Companies are prohibited from producing products that contain rinse-off microbeads, which have often been used in exfoliating face washes, toothpastes and shower gels but have been shown to harm marine life.

Reabrook has operated a voluntary policy, not to use plastic microbeads in products, since it was identified that they could potentially have ill effects on marine and aquatic life.

The new, strict UK law means the manufacture of cosmetic products containing plastic microbeads is banned from 9 January 2018 and the sale of such products must not take place from 20 June 2018.

The UK Government has introduced the strongest ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products seen worldwide; based on sound science it is prohibiting those ingredients where they may reach the marine environment.

More information can be found in the policies section, please see our policies section to read more.

The CTPA, also provide further information here regarding the use of Microbeads in cosmetic products. Please follow this link for more information,—in-depth/content/251#plastic