Reabrook commission on-site microbiological testing facility

Reabrook Ltd are delighted to announce that they have recently commissioned a microbiological testing facility based on their 16-acre site in Moira, Derbyshire. The laboratory will be used by their technical team working within the R&D, QC and the Manufacturing departments providing Reabrook with the ability to conduct internal microbiological testing of raw materials, personal care products and cleaning validations. The investment in this facility further improves operational efficiency.

The facility includes a class II microbiological laminar flow safety cabinet which will ensure both operator and environmental protection and crucially product protection during the testing process reducing the risk of product or cross contamination. Inflow air passes through a HEPA filter before entering the workspace creating an air curtain at the front aperture to prevents the egress of air from the cabinet. All the exhaust air also passes through a HEPA filter thus preventing cross contamination.

The safety cabinet meets BS EN 12469 performance standard and BS 5726 standards. The laboratory is fully plastic clad with hygienic easy wipe down panels and mobile cupboard units to ensure all cleaning activities can be easily achieved with little disruption to the day to day activities. Initially the microbiological testing carried out will be ‘total viable count, ‘yeast and mould’ water and environmental monitoring. Temperature controlled and monitored incubators will ensure that the testing carried out is reliable and reproducible. A validation of the systems and testing regimes in place is to be carried out on commissioning.