Year in Review: Reabrook’s 2021

Despite another unpredictable year, Reabrook Ltd has continued to provide quality products for its customers, as well as supporting local businesses. 

In August, we provided our friends at Burton Albion Football Club with foot-pump hand wash stations for The Pirelli Stadium, helping with the safe and successful return of spectator-filled matches. The BAFC said on their website ‘a special thank you to our friends at Reabrook Ltd for supplying the foot pump hand wash stations that will be available to supporters throughout the ground.’

Nielsen Chemicals and Arrow Solutions have both seen major changes to their brands this year, with Nielsen’s Training Academy receiving a full refurbishment, complete with a fresh redesign of their classic logo. Nielsen also plan to launch their new Retail Range in 2022, and now have a new, easy-to-use online ordering portal on their website.

For 2021, Arrow Solutions have worked closely with Network Rail on several projects, including the creation of a new Third Rail anti-icing formulation and ballast dust suppression formulations. Alongside this, Arrow have also released a new range of aerospace-approved wipes and have secured a new contract with the Ministry of Defence for their range of approved products.

Despite facing the continued uncertainty surrounding issues such as global stock shortages and the new COVID variant, Reabrook Ltd has once again tackled issues head on to bring our customers quality-assured bespoke products and customer-focused solutions.

We hope that all our customers and friends have a safe and happy new year.

Hand Sanitisers and Key Workers: Reabrook’s Year in Review 2020

Reabrook Perseveres During Lockdown

2020 has been a challenging and volatile year for people and businesses alike, so much so that many of us are glad to see the year out. In the space of two lockdowns, Reabrook Ltd has been fortunate enough to remain a successful and productive company despite essential social distancing measures and office-based staff mostly working from home.

Throughout the year we have reached, and at times surpassed, our sales targets, with strong contributions coming from all members of the Reabrook team. As ‘key workers,’ we gave specific priority to the creation and distribution of hand sanitisers, but we have worked hard to keep all our customers satisfied, not just those requesting sanitation products. As a result, we had a very successful second quarter.

We hope that our customers and families stay safe at this uniquely challenging time, and as we enter 2021 we will continue to create great products as a professional manufacturer you can rely on. 

Our switch to repurposed layer pads

Despite environmental issues taking an unintentional back seat this year, at Reabrook we have not forgotten the importance of sustainability. Amongst our efforts to manufacture products in a greener environment, Reabrook now uses repurposed cardboard layer pads across all of our palletised products.

Rainbow Hand Sanitisers

To support local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ball Aerosol Packaging reached out to both Lindal Group and Reabrook Ltd to collaborate on the design, production, and filling of 25,000 Rainbow Hand Sanitisers. Reabrook supplied the formulation (with a concentrate containing 75% alcohol) which was praised for its easy dispensing and successful tests showing its effectiveness against all enveloped viruses. The cans were filled on one of our high-speed filling lines, then safety checked with leak detection and pressure testing.

This proactive partnership has allowed the Rainbow Hand Sanitiser project to be executed with speed and convenience, which is of great importance during the pandemic. The cans were ultimately divided equally between the three companies so that they could be distributed to each of their local communities.

What’s next in 2021?

The future is currently more uncertain than ever. However, at Reabrook we believe that with caution, preparation, and a positive mindset, we can see through the new year as a success for ourselves and our customers. Initiatives like the Rainbow Hand Sanitiser project are paramount to Reabrook’s mantra to create bespoke, specialist products and we will continue to provide these services year on year.

We wish you a happy and safe 2021.

The Hidden Services

Whilst you might be aware that Reabrook Limited are dedicated manufacturers and distributors of aerosol, liquid and tube products, you might not be aware of the full range of services we offer as standard under both our Reabrook Health and Beauty and Reabrook Manufacturing brands. We provide a broad range of solutions, spanning design and product development all the way through to quality assurance and logistics. Our extensive knowledge of industry requirements and regulations mean we can assist your product development from concept to shelf. 

Below is a list of some of our lesser-known services:

Safety data sheet compilation/ creation

Microbiological testing of batches

INCI list creation

Artwork technical checks and pack copy creation

Claim substantiation advice

PIF (Product Information File) compilation

Input into CPNP (Cosmetics notification portal) as a representative

Arrangement of the cosmetic safety assessment

Arrangement of challenge (preservative) testing

Option to purchase full formulation

If you wish to learn more about these services and how they can benefit your products, don’t hesitate to contact Reabrook Ltd via, or

2019 Year in Review

2019 has been a resounding success for Reabrook Ltd. In the year that sustainability became one of the most urgent talking points in the world, Reabrook Ltd has been making changes to reflect the resourceful standards we strive for. We’ve improved on 2018; fuel oil consumption was 33% lower than last year and our electricity usage was 27% less too (March 2018 – March 2019). 

Not only this, but after a successful trial, the aerosol factory will be lowering its environmental footprint by switching its shrink-wrap material. By only using shrink-wrap with 30% recycled content by the end of 2019, the factory will be producing 7.5 tonnes of recyclable material a year.

Supporting The National Forest is also still of great importance to Reabrook, and this July we once again sponsored the award-winning Timber festival, a family-friendly weekend event, now in its second year. The festival, featuring music, art and debate in Feanedock, nearby Reabrook HQ, was both popular and successful and was ultimately the winner of the Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Award at the Leicestershire Tourism and Hospitality Awards 2019!

By September 14th Reabrook celebrated one year under employee ownership, which has proven to be a great success. A month later we were recognised as one of Derbyshire’s Top 200 Companies of 2019, and we have also significantly increased our annual turnover. Here’s to another year as a proud employee-owned company!

Please kindly note that we will be closed for the Christmas holiday period from 5pm on Tuesday 24th December 2019 and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020. For UK shipments the final despatch day will be Friday 20th December for deliveries booked for December 23rd. For European/Overseas Shipments the last despatch date will be Friday 16th December.

Reabrook Limited would like to wish all our customers and colleagues a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Reabrook: A Trusted Partner For All Private Label Requirements

In these worrying times of takeovers and mergers within private label manufacturing, we are proud that our employee ownership overcomes these concerns.

With the ability to manufacture products in liquid, aerosol and tube formats, all on the same site, we now have additional capacity available due to our purpose-built site and recently completed factory extension.

We are happy to quote for your business and with our on-site research and development teams, can help formulate to your requirements. Our accreditations and memberships show how easy it is for you to trust us with your brand as we have the expertise to create the products you need.  We also work with Mintel to understand market trends for each of our product sectors and innovate to meet demand. Click here for more information or contact us at

We have specialist teams and production facilities for Personal Care and Household/Automotive so please click here for more details:

Personal Care – 

Reabrook Manufacturing –


Reabrook celebrates one year of successful employee ownership

On 14th September 2019, we celebrated our first successful year under employee ownership.  Recent research has shown that giving employees an effective ‘voice,’ alongside a stake in the success of their business is good for employees, good for business and good for the economy. Last year, we marked our 50th anniversary with the move to employee ownership and the opening of our aerosol factory extension.

There are many diverse benefits to employee ownership, including improved business performance, greater employee commitment and increased economic resilience. Managing Director Tony Brealey said, “We are overjoyed to celebrate 12 months as an employee owned company, which has been a great success for both our customers and employees.” 

Here’s to another year of employee ownership!

Music, Ideas and Celebrations in the Forest: Timber 2019

We were delighted to sponsor The National Forest’s award-winning Timber Festival, for their second successful year.  Timber took place across the road from Reabrook in Feanedock from 5th – 7th July. 

Reabrook are especially proud to continue to support The National Forest and it was great to see the festival raise awareness of such a worthwhile cause. Timber once again inspired and educated with a mixture of music and ideas in the forest. The family-friendly festival hosted the likes of Phil Jupitus, Stuart Maconie and Extinction Rebellion for a spectacular weekend of debate, celebration and reflection. 

For more information on this fantastic festival, go to

Reabrook Sponsors Timber 2019

Reabrook Ltd are proud to announce that they will be headline partners of the Timber Festival for the second year running. Launched last year, Timber is a family-friendly weekend celebration of music, art and ideas in the heart of The National Forest. The festival won the award for Best New Festival at the UK Festival Awards 2018. 

This year includes acts from the Leicester Comedy Festival, campfire cooking with the Wild Food Kitchen and climate speakers Extinction Rebellion. Attendees will be able to create cardboard instruments, try their hand at archery and even hone their woodcraft skills!

Reabrook have supported The National Forest over many years; sponsoring both the lightbox installation at last year’s Timber Festival, and the planting of 42,000 trees at Boothorpe Wood. Timber is a great opportunity to bring families and friends together and we hope that all those who attend have fun!

Sustainability: Eco-Innovations for a Concerned World

In 2019, consumers want transparency. With subjects like global warming and plastic consumption at the forefront of public concern, no longer can brands advertise their products without the reassurance of sustainable sourcing, recyclable packaging and the clean labelling to prove it.

Sustainability is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It is the trend that has evolved into a movement, a movement that will see a serious shake-up for the health and beauty industry, and will be the driving force behind the future of consumer products and of our world.

A shake-up, however, is easier said than done. According to Mintel, there is currently more concern amongst consumers than there is noticeable change from businesses. Brand audiences are aware of the effects of the products they buy; how it effects their mental health, their microbiome, the environment. Now they are demanding positive change from manufacturers. Smaller, niche companies are using an eco-friendly stance to their advantage, so it is only natural, and inevitable, for bigger businesses to follow suit.

Here are a few examples of how you can embrace sustainability:

Vegan, Palm Oil and ‘Natural’ Products
The case for ‘natural’ products has never been more significant. Consumers are turning away from harmful chemicals and looking closely at what’s going into their products. Certain companies have taken this trend and created a range of Ayurvedic soaps with natural oils and eco-friendly packaging. And there are plenty more examples that show products with Ayurvedic and vegan ingredients (e.g. neem oil, turmeric) are rising in popularity.

Similarly, consumers are becoming aware of the unsustainable harvesting of palm oil. The WWF claims that 50% of supermarket products contain palm oil because it is a lucrative and versatile material. As a result, it has become a major driver of deforestation and the destruction of wildlife habitation, so it is time for manufacturers to look into sustainable palm oil sourcing, using RSPO certified products or using different materials entirely, such as rapeseed, sunflower or coconut oil.

Plastics and Recyclable Packaging
Our ‘throwaway culture’ is coming to an end. Not only do consumers feel morally obligated to turn away from excessive packaging, but the European Single Use Plastics Directive will also be adopted in April 2019, to help prevent the impact of plastics on marine life. As a result, it is time to turn to other materials and the recycling of ingredients from contaminates. Manufacturers should look into extending the shelf-life of their products without making their sustainability even more toxic in the long-run. Recycling is a huge factor in sustainability; aluminium aerosol cans are 100% recyclable, and PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) plastics are created from recycled material.

Many health and beauty companies have created solidified products in the hair and beauty sector, ranging from deodorants to conditioners, eradicating the need for plastic packaging and replacing it with cardboard and paper packets.

Clean Labelling
More than ever before, consumers want to know what is in their products, and are predicted to reject labels with too much or too little information. Clarity and honesty on labels are now a vital aspect of product manufacture. If your product is palm oil free or vegan friendly, let the buyer know.

What is Reabrook doing?
Here at Reabrook we continue to make a conscious effort to use an eco-friendly, sustainable process during every stage of manufacture.

To begin with, none of waste goes to landfill. We use specialised waste disposal companies that recycle and reuse waste and all our dirty water is sent for use at sewage plants. Alongside this, our staff recycle all paper and solvent waste is used in kilns for cement production.

Reabrook also offer a range of sustainable materials, offering alternative substrates and PCR bottles and tubes created from recycled material. We can offer vegan ingredients for products and aluminium cans that can be recycled indefinitely.

In keeping with our promise for sustainability, we have worked with The National Forest to plant 42,000 trees since 2014. As of 2018, Reabrook fully supports the UK government’s legislation that bans the use of microbeads, and we won the 2016 PBCA sustainability award for our innovation in introducing compressed air aerosols targeted at industry.

New Finance Director for 2019

As of the 1st of March, we are pleased to announce, Kat Minshull joined our team to take up the position of Finance Director. Kat’s previous role was Finance Director for a software solutions company and prior to that worked in finance for a manufacturing business. Managing Director Tony Brealey says, “Kat brings vast financial experience to the business which will help us shape the business for years to come and is a welcome addition to our team.”

Reabrook Celebrates 50 Years and moves to Employee Ownership

Reabrook Ltd celebrated three landmark achievements on Friday 14th September at its site in Moira.

It celebrated 50 years of business, the opening of its factory extension with brand-new aerosol line and its transfer to Employee Ownership.

Joint Managing Director of Reabrook, Tony Brealey commented “We firmly believe that empowered and engaged employees, who care deeply about the products they make, are vital to a company’s ongoing success. Employee Ownership is the perfect way to reward our loyal staff and to secure the long-term future of the Moira site.”

Reabrook and its workforce of over 200 employees celebrated these momentous occasions with a distinguished group of key-suppliers, customers and local dignitaries at the ceremony held at their purpose-built site.

Visitors were treated to a tour of the site before joining employees to witness the opening of their new aerosol building by local MPs, Heather Wheeler and Andrew Bridgen. They were also given the opportunity to walk across to Boothorpe Wood, part of The National Forest, where Reabrook had sponsored the planting of 42,000 trees. The celebrations culminated with the owners Tony and Mary Brealey and Malcolm and Sue Watkins completing the transfer of the ownership of the company to its employees.

Malcolm Watkins, Joint Managing Director explained that employee ownership was in harmony with Reabrook’s core philosophies about how business should be managed; encouraging and building a workforce that takes pride in what it does and is responsive to its customers’ needs.

According to the Employee Ownership Association, the number of employee-owned businesses in the UK is currently growing at an annual rate of 10%. The benefits of giving employees a greater voice is a key part of the government’s recommendations for improved corporate governance.

The company started in 1968 as Arrow Chemicals, based in Swadlincote, supplying a range of liquid products for the industrial market. The business has grown over the years to fill products into aerosols and tubes as well as conventional liquid packaging; supplying a wide range of markets from oil, gas and automotive through to haircare and toiletries.  Fifty years later, Reabrook is still supplying innovative products for commercial, industrial and retail applications throughout the world and is aiming to double its business over the next five years.

Investment in a larger aerosol manufacturing facility and new filling line is essential to achieve this growth. Strong support from HSBC UK has provided the finance to purchase the new £1.3m aerosol production line and also a £1m loan to enable the transition to employee ownership to take place.  Roger Pratt, HSBC’s Area Director in East Midlands, said: “HSBC UK is innovating to meet evolving customer expectations and needs. Reabrook is on an exciting journey at the moment and we wanted to support the business as it looks to fulfil its growth ambitions and the successful integration of its new employee owned trust. We wish everyone at the business the best of luck as they celebrate Reabrook’s 50th birthday.”

Illuminated Heritage

Reabrook Limited recently chose to sponsor The National Forest’s Timber Festival, as a further continuation of support for their projects over the years.  They also chose to sponsor the lightbox installations at the event, as they showcased the work of a project very close to their hearts, called the Black to Green Project.

Black to Green is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve and enhance the industrial heritage and natural history within the Heart of the Forest. This is an area of roughly 10 square miles across North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire. The Heart of the Forest has seen the most significant increase in tree coverage over the last 25 years, with woodland cover increasing from 1% to 27%.  It is an exceptional story of rapid change from 19th-century deep coal and open cast mining, clay extraction and associated industrial activity, to a 21st-century sustainable landscape led by the creation of The National Forest.

Black to Green focuses upon telling this story of the extraordinary landscape change, celebrating the areas rich industrial past, whilst providing opportunities to learn about and appreciate the local wildlife. Through a 3-year programme of volunteering, training, events and interpretation, the project seeks to reconnect with this new landscape whilst conserving its past.  “Like many of the businesses here at the heart of The National Forest, we at Reabrook Ltd has seen a dramatic transformation in the local environment over the years and are thrilled to be able to support such a worthy project,” said Clare Hetherington, Marketing Manager for Reabrook Limited.  “We understand the importance of the work that The National Forest has completed in our local area, and we are extremely pleased to be able to support them.”  More information can be found on their websites: and


Reabrook celebrates 50 years of making new products

Reabrook Limited proudly commemorated 50 years of formulating and manufacturing market-leading products recently, with their golden anniversary celebrations at their site in Moira, on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border.

The company began in 1968 as a small business called Arrow Chemicals in South Derbyshire.  Half a century later, Reabrook is still supplying innovative products in a variety of packing formats for commercial, industrial and retail applications throughout the world. The company sprang from humble origins, supplying industrial chemical cleaning solutions in liquid format but has grown over the years to also incorporate products in aerosol and tube formats, supplying a wide range of markets from oil and gas and automotive through to haircare and toiletries.

Reabrook was acquired in 1987 by Yule Catto PLC and returned to private ownership in 2006 with a management buy-out by current owners Malcolm Watkins and Tony Brealey.  “We are an independent and privately-owned company. Since the buyout we’ve really concentrated on developing the business by putting a lot of our resources into new manufacturing capabilities at our 14-acre site here in Moira in Derbyshire,” explains Tony.

Founded on the philosophy of great products with excellent customer service Reabrook also lead the way in responsible manufacturing, with sustainability and measures to reduce energy consumption being introduced years before it became a social issue.

Throughout the years, Reabrook have also been a generous contributor to The National Forest, helping to establish woodland, parkland and forest at their sponsored site Boothorpe, near their headquarters in Moira.  Their sponsorship of The National Forest has continued recently with the launch of the ‘Timber’ festival which is an extraordinary new festival exploring the transformative impact of forests, celebrating woodland culture.

As part of the celebrations, Reabrook have thanked their employees and customers for their unwavering support through the years, providing cakes and embroidered polo shirts for employees. As a further reward, employees have also been participating in a weekly prize draw with staff winning a gift every week.  Prizes won so far range from Amazon, Bella Italia, Love2Shop and Sainsburys vouchers with gifts such as hampers being kindly donated by key customers and partners in celebration of their success and achievements over the 50 years.

For more information on Products:


Reabrook fully on board with UK microbeads ban.

Reabrook Limited fully supports the UK Government’s legislation that bans the use of plastic microbeads in rinse-off cosmetic products.

As of 9th January 2018, plastic microbeads can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products in the United Kingdom. Companies are prohibited from producing products that contain rinse-off microbeads, which have often been used in exfoliating face washes, toothpastes and shower gels but have been shown to harm marine life.

Reabrook has operated a voluntary policy, not to use plastic microbeads in products, since it was identified that they could potentially have ill effects on marine and aquatic life.

The new, strict UK law means the manufacture of cosmetic products containing plastic microbeads is banned from 9 January 2018 and the sale of such products must not take place from 20 June 2018.

The UK Government has introduced the strongest ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products seen worldwide; based on sound science it is prohibiting those ingredients where they may reach the marine environment.

More information can be found in the policies section, please see our policies section to read more.

The CTPA, also provide further information here regarding the use of Microbeads in cosmetic products. Please follow this link for more information,—in-depth/content/251#plastic

Reabrook Fast Tracks Expansion with Aid of HSBC

Reabrook are happy to announce plans for a £5.5 million Invoice Finance facility from HSBC. This Invoice Finance facility will aid Reabrook’s growth and expansion particularly with a focus on their Arrow Solutions brand in China. This expansion follows the set-up of their new company, Arrow Shanghai Trading Company Limited in 2016, supported by HSBC China.

Arrow are also expanding operations in the Middle East after signing a joint venture to open a Saudi Arabia based manufacturing facility. HSBC’s support to the company is expected to increase turnover by 30% in the next five years.

Reabrook are also looking forward to using some of the capital from HSBC to help further develop the Nielsen Automotive Cleaning brand. Nielsen Chemicals have a firm foothold in the UK and a demand overseas that they are looking to increase.

Tony Brealey, Managing Director at Reabrook Ltd – “This support from HSBC will not only help us expand our offering in China and the Middle East, but also provide an integrated banking approach with HSBC’s international offices. This increased facility also enables us to further grow our private label business working with the major retailers and brand owners.”

Roger Pratt, Area Director for Corporate Banking at HSBC, – “HSBC continues to connect UK businesses to international opportunities and we’re thrilled to be supporting Reabrook in its global ventures. We are committed to helping businesses large and small to realise their ambitions and we look forward to seeing Reabrook fly the flag for British manufacturers overseas.”

Arrow Solutions: New and Improved Kitchen Range for Catering Professionals launching May 2017

Arrow Solutions’ re-branded Kitchen Range (KR) of cleaning and maintenance solutions have been designed with the modern commercial kitchen in mind and offer the same high standards that cleaning professionals have come to know and trust.

Arrow Solutions provide products that clean, de-grease and sanitise all aspects of the commercial kitchen, from general dish washing to food contact area sanitising with EN1276 approved solutions.

Their kitchen concentrates allow routine yet vital tasks such as dishwashing, oven cleaning, drain maintenance and sanitising to be completed to the highest standards, while our exceptional dilution rates deliver excellent cost in use.

Their new range spans new and improved oven and coffee machine cleaners, washing up liquid and concentrates that offer up to 100 trigger bottles worth of solution per Litre. Our reputation for the best heavy duty solutions continues with a floor cleaner that easily eliminate scuffs, grease and fatty deposits, as well as multi-purpose cleaners that are essential to the upkeep of clean and hygienic commercial kitchens.

Whether running a single coffee shop or a large chain of restaurants, catering professionals know that Arrow products will keep their kitchens running trouble free during even the busiest periods of service.

The full range, listed below will be clean first time, every time solutions with even clearer identification.

A concentrated lemon fragranced washing up liquid for general hand dishwashing and pot washing.

Professional sanitiser for all kitchen and food contact areas, passing En1276.

Specialist cleaner for anti-slip floors, removing scuffs, grease, grime and fatty deposits.

Premium multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser for all surfaces within the catering environment.

Highly concentrated, lemon fragranced washing up liquid for handwashing and pot washing for use in dispenser system.

Powerful foaming oven cleaner designed to remove burnt on residues of fats and grease from ovens and other catering equipment.

Cleans and descales all types of coffee machines, as well as kitchen applicances such as tea urns, dish and glass washers.

A chlorine free, stain removal powder, effective in the removal of tannin from crockery, cutlery and utensils.

Clear, unperfumed handwash with anti-bacterial action, proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria, for use in all catering areas.

For more information, call our sales team on office on +44 (0)1283 221044.

Arrow to Unveil New Dishwasher Range

Arrow Solutions are pleased to announce that they are now very close to the official launch of their rebranded Dishwasher cleaning range. The packaging and brand has undergone a significant transformation but the solution inside is the same, trusted product that customer have come to expect from Arrow.

The focus remains the same, to supply exceptional products and provide the right solution first time every time, but now Arrow can do it with even more professionalism and clarity thanks to a new product naming and coding system that makes for easy ordering.

They have taken a considered approach to the new brand, understanding their supplied sector and client base, which is why their new ‘commercial edge’ should tick all the boxes.

Unveiling takes place in the new year.

Reabrook’s PBCA technology lands Sustainability Award

Reabrook Ltd are proudly celebrating after their technology for protecting the environment was recognized in a high-profile competition, beating competitors from 80 other firms, managing to secure the Sustainability Award from the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA).

Judges praised the company for its innovation in introducing a range of compressed air aerosols targeted at industry under their ‘Arrow Solutions’ brand.

The PBCA technology replaces traditional propellants such as Butane and Propane and offers a significant reduction in carbon dioxide that appeals to aerospace, rail, MoD and general engineering customers looking for a greener solution. So far they have sold over 140,000 of these aerosols since their introduction.

“We take our commitment to social and environmental responsibility seriously and that is truly represented by the introduction of PBCA technology for many of our aerosols,” explained Jonathan Lane, our Sales Director for Arrow Solutions.

“In place of using traditional flammable or high Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellants, many of our Arrow branded aerosols are simply powered by compressed air. By removing CO2 and LPG as propellants and replacing them with air that has been compressed, we are able to offer our clients a giant step forward in their desire to deliver a sustainable future.”

BAMA’s judging panel also gave praise for Reabrook being the only company in the world to develop compressed air aerosols for the rail industry, the products are effective in cleaning electrical and mechanical components. The new range is not only eco-friendly but also more cost-efficient than their traditional, gas propelled counterparts.

PBCA technology has also been used in airplane engine component cleaning, component corrosion protection and label removal.

Tony Brealey, Managing Director here at Reabrook, concluded: “The BAMA award is great recognition for the innovation that we are continually looking to provide.

Our products illustrate how traditional aerosol technology can find new ways of supporting modern day challenges, such as greener environmental solutions and improved safety.”

Eastern Delights as Arrow Solutions reports 25% Growth in International Markets

Arrow Solutions are pleased to report a 25% increase in business in the Middle East and Far East after expanding its network of distributors.  Sales in these territories have risen at the fastest rate in 35-years.

The announcement was made during the latest international visit to their Leicestershire facility, which saw visitors from Shunyi Development Co. Ltd Zhuhai S.E.Z., Almaraya Detergents Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates) and Power Clean Co (Kuwait) learn more about the business, its technology and future expansion plans.

“More than half our total sales are now made overseas and two of the fastest growing areas are the Middle East and the Far East,” explained Jonathan Lane, Sales Director at Arrow Solutions.

“This is no accident. We recognised early on that these markets were changing and that our range of cleaning and maintenance products not only offered the outstanding performance they required, but also fitted in with a desire to use safer and more environmentally friendly technology.”

He continued: “This is just the start. There is so much potential out there to sell our products in greater volumes or to replace unsuitable chemicals. We estimate we could be generating sales of £10m in these territories within the next five years.”

Arrow has had a concerted presence in the Middle East since 2010, led by Regional Manager Ala’ Al-Hihi, and has more than ten strategic distributors in place.

Two of its most successful partners are Almaraya Detergents Trading LLC (a specialist in the commercial hygiene sector) and Power Clean Co. The latter is working with a host of Kuwait Government organisations to meet EPA standards, including Kuwait Public Transport, the Fire Service and Kuwait Airways.

The company is making equally impressive inroads into the Far East after setting up Arrow Trading Shanghai, a significant investment in creating a dedicated sales/technical office in the City and a warehousing operation nearby.

This local presence is already reaping dividends, securing a string of new contracts to supply market leading degreaser Lotoxane® to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and Beijing Metro.

Jonathan went on to add: “Hosting China Shunyi for the first time is a major step forward for Arrow in China. We hold similar ethical values of improving the environment and creating a good culture for our employees and this resonated with their Sales Director during the visit.

“They have many subsidiaries in almost all provinces of China, potentially giving us great coverage across all of the key areas. Following our meeting, we will work together to identify the right solutions for our customers.”

Candy Zhang, Sales Director at China Shunyi, commented: “I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen at Arrow. The technology and products are there, but more importantly the business culture is very similar to our own and I can see there is potential for a longer-term relationship.”

Arrow is also looking to grow market share in the UK, Norway and Russia.

This will be achieved by ‘setting the standard for maintenance and cleaning’ and focusing on core products, including Lotoxane®, Ecowash Autoshine and Aircraft Cleaner 281.

Picture: International visit: (l-r) Karim Yaacoub (Almaraya Detergents Trading LLC), Jonathan Lane, Jeremy Moore (both Arrow Solutions), Hussain Eyadah (Power Clean Co), James Lomas (Arrow Solutions), Candy Zhang (Shunyi Development Co. Ltd Zhuhai S.E.Z), Ala’ Al-Hihi, Boyang Zhou (both Arrow Solutions) and Abdul Ghani Kataya (Almaraya Detergents Trading LLC)

Nielsen’s Interior Cleaner Reviewed in MOG Magazine

In Nielsen’s second magazine feature of the month, MOG magazine have given Nielsen’s Interior Cleaner a review we’re very happy with. MOG praises the product stating “Nielsen truly deserve full marks for this one”. It’s another good review for a Nielsen product helping maintain an already solid reputation for the brand.

To read the full review you’ll have to pick up a copy of MOG Magazine at:

Nielsen gets the Full Feature treatment treatment in American Car Magazine.

Nielsen recently had the American Car team over at the Reabrook Ltd site for a behind the curtain look at how we manufacture, distribute and train with Nielsen products. You can find out what American Car thought of our facilities in their latest magazine issue. You might also just pick up some top tips on how to clean your engine bay, air con, windows and wheels whilst your reading the article as well.

To order a copy of American Car Magazine visit them over at:

Arrow Solutions Launches £1M International Expansion Plan

The launch of two new innovations and significant international expansion is promising to deliver 10% growth in sales this year for an Arrow Solutions.

Arrow are expecting significant global interest in their new advanced cleaning and maintenance products for the aerospace, industrial and commercial hygiene fields.

Part of a £1m investment programme, Arrow are aiming to grow market share in the UK and in strategic international territories, such as the Middle East and the Far East.

The latter has enjoyed significant funding to create a stand-alone trading entity in Shanghai, offering sales, technical support and a commercial base for the entire region.

“Our strategy is based on a desire to become the supplier of choice for specialist chemical products, setting the standing in cleaning and maintenance in the process,” explained Jonathan Lane, Sales Director at Arrow Solutions.

“Traditionally, we have produced hundreds of products and there is still a substantial market for many of these. However, our focus will increasingly be on introducing new high-quality products that provide the best possible performance, boast the best possible environmental credentials and, in certain cases, offer genuinely new solutions.”

He continued: “Half of our turnover is exported overseas and we see international sales continuing to grow with the developing industrial markets in the Far East and the Middle East growing at pace and looking to improve their commitment to health, safety and environmental standards.

“We have a dedicated team in place to support our network and warehouse in the Middle East, whilst our subsidiary in China is now fully operational. Arrow Shanghai Trading Company will turnover nearly £1m in its first twelve months and be a multi-million pound business in the years to come.”

Arrow Solutions is currently in discussion with a number of airlines about the impending arrival of a radically improved version of its aircraft disinsectant, a product that is sprayed in the cabin to combat the transmission of disease.

Significant interest is expected, with prevention of the spread of the Zika virus hitting the international headlines.

Jonathan concluded: “2016 is going to be a big year for Arrow Solutions as we look to execute our global strategy, whilst continually looking to invest in our UK operation and the skills of our people.”

Arrow Solutions: Making Rail Cleaner and Greener

Rail cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufacturer Arrow Solutions has broken new industry ground with its range of powered by compressed air (pbca) aerosols. As the first and only company in the world to develop pbca products for rail, Arrow Solutions is taking its ongoing commitment to the environment one-step further. Arrow Solutions’ pbca aerosols are not only eco-friendly, but also more cost-efficient than their traditional, gas propelled counterparts.

Unlike other aerosols that use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Arrow Solutions’ new range of products is powered entirely by the most natural ingredient of all: compressed air. The innovation makes products more sustainable, reduces carbon footprint and helps the rail industry take a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the elimination of flammable gas yields significant improvements in safety.

“The environmental benefits were what prompted us to develop the range back in 2013,” explains Richard Havon, rail sales manager for Arrow Solutions. “In the process, we’ve identified additional benefits of the pbca technology. For example, traditional aerosols contain up to 40 per cent propellant, which the buyer has to pay for. By replacing the LPG propellant with pbca technology, the quantity of actual product in each aerosol increases, meaning that the cost in use is significantly better.”

Arrow Solutions’ pbca range contains several products, including the popular degreaser Lotoxane (Rail Cat No: 007/025037), which is effective in cleaning electrical and mechanical components without damaging them. Lotoxane has a safe high flash point of 62 degrees Celsius. There is also a rapid drying version of Lotoxane available, which evaporates six times faster than the original.

For the hard winter months, Arrow Solutions has also developed its Polar De-Icer (Rail Cat No: 007/025119) to help train operating companies provide quick and immediate ice removal.

To make rail cleaning and maintenance even easier, Arrow Solutions created a pbca aerosol version of its Shield product, which protects against corrosion. QED, Arrow Solutions’ fast evaporating low odour solvent degreaser and Leak Detector, which can identify leaks in pressurised systems such as air conditioning, are also available as pbca aerosols.

Arrow Solutions: R&D Lab

Manufacturer of specialist cleaning and maintenance products, Arrow Solutions is staying one step ahead of customer needs with its dedicated onsite research and development (R&D) laboratory. The facility will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary in the world of cleaning and maintenance for rail, oil and gas, aerospace, defence, and general engineering.

Within the rail sector it’s crucial to address every cleaning challenge individually. Arrow Solutions’ Derbyshire R&D department allows the company to develop and reformulate products to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing sector.

Flexibility is a key feature for chemical companies specialising in the manufacture of cleaning and maintenance products. Due to evolving industry and environmental standards, existing products are constantly being improved and new solutions developed. For example, rail wash plants must abide by changeable consent to discharge rates, which affects the types of cleaning products that can be used.

Arrow Solutions’ R&D facility also opens the door for customers with special requests. Dependent on volume, the R&D lab can be utilised to create bespoke products for specific client needs.

“Because we supply to the engineering and aerospace sectors, two of the most progressive and innovative industries, we have to be as forward-thinking as possible,” explained James Lomas, national sales manager for Arrow Solutions. “New materials and manufacturing methods are being implemented all the time. Our R&D lab enables us to be proactive in developing new and existing products in anticipation. In aerospace for example we are seeing more and more composites and even additively manufactured parts, which have different cleaning and lubrication needs compared to more traditional materials.

“We aim to always be one step ahead of the industry. In the past this has led us to engineer a winter grade rail screenwash that works down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. This means that our UK customers will never be caught out when the weather changes for the worst.”

Waymaking at The National Forest’s Boothorpe site

Over the last five years, local business Reabrook Ltd has supported the National Forest Company (NFC) in developing the attractive woodland and parkland landscape at Boothorpe, near its headquarters in Moira.

Reabrook staff and directors have helped plant trees, build crates for larger parkland trees and, most recently, were on site to waymark a new bridle route that has been created throughout the site. A new 2.5km circular permissive bridle route has been created by the NFC, giving local horse riders an interesting and undulating ride through a beautiful part of the Forest – the rolling hills of the Ashby Woulds.

‘We have been wanting to increase access for horse riders in The National Forest for some time and developing our site at Boothorpe presented us with a perfect opportunity to do just that,’ explained John Everitt, Chief Executive NFC. He added: ‘Over the years we have created infrastructure and improved access for a range of other users of the Forest – walkers, cyclists, those who use wheelchairs and families with buggies – and now we are delighted to have been able to open a new route for horse riders.’

‘We all had a lovely day way marking the permissive horse route,’ agreed Clare Hetherington, Marketing Manager for Reabrook. ‘Employees from all departments of the business were able to take part and we really enjoyed the teambuilding aspects of the task; from map reading to attaching signs to the posts and fences. We were fortunate to have enjoyed some beautiful weather on the day and were all really impressed with the breath-taking views around the route. Our hope is now that the horse riders enjoy the area and the route as much as we did.’

Over the last 25 years, creating The National Forest has more than trebled the land open for public access.

  • 80% of the new woodlands and other habitats have open public access and a further 6% of sites have access planned (86% in total).
  • 102km of new cycleways have been created, including 60km of Sustrans routes and 16km of trails at Hicks Lodge, the Forestry Commission’s National Forest cycle centre.
  • Over 45 new sport and recreation facilities have been created including fishing, mountain biking, orienteering, carriage driving, cross country horse riding and sledging.

For more information on The National Forest Company’s positive impact on our local area visit:

Nielsen Gloss Shampoo gets the Professional Driver Recommended Badge

Automotive cleaning brand Nielsen chemicals recently earned praise in Professional Driver magazine for it’s Gloss Shampoo product. The review that describes Gloss Shampoo as “head and shoulder’s above the rest” and snatched up the Professional Driver Recommended accolade.

To see the review in full, grab a copy of this month’s Professional Driver magazine at:

Gloss shampoo is just one of Nielsen’s commercially available products. To get further details on the full range visit:

Arrow Solutions: On the Railtex Track

Specialist cleaning and maintenance products supplier Arrow Solutions will be appearing at the largest rail exhibition in the UK, Railtex 2015, from May 12-14. The global chemical firm will be showcasing products from its interior and exterior cleaning range, as well as the company’s maintenance and winter offering. Arrow Solutions will be located at Stand M66, where it will be inviting visitors to the show to ‘Challenge Arrow’ by bringing along their toughest rail cleaning problems.

Railtex 2015 will take place between May 12 and 14 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The event attracts international visitors and exhibitors as well as industry leading specialists. In particular, Arrow Solutions is hoping to reach train presentation managers, purchasing consultants and engineers from the rail industry.

“Arrow Solutions has been producing cleaning and maintenance products for over 40 years,” explains Martin Bell, Product and Marketing Manager at the company. “We want to share our experience in the chemical industry with others whilst creating partnerships with both customers and other businesses.

“We offer the technical expertise of our workforce along with our specialist manufacturing facilities, allowing us to meet the demands of the expanding global rail industry.”

With its innovative range, including daily train washing products and specialist chemicals for removing even the heaviest soiling and staining, Arrow Solutions has set a high standard in the rail cleaning and maintenance industry. At Railtex 2015 the business will demonstrate how its longevity and innovation focus has shaped its reputation as a technical and commercial expert.

Arrow Solutions is focused on sustainable development, ensuring the effective management of rail cleaning related environmental issues. It prides itself on its ability to provide products that are of high quality while minimising the impact of their production on the environment.

Arrow Solutions was established in 1968 to supply the UK and international markets with a range of cleaning and maintenance products for the rail sector. Arrow Solutions will be exhibiting at stand M66 at Railtex 2015. For more information about the event go to

Reabrook scoops prestigious ‘Aerosol of the Year’ award

Reabrook are happy to announce that they have won the coveted award ‘Aerosol of the Year 2014” from BAMA (the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association). Reabrook were acknowledged for innovation by creating a product that creates a whole new category within the hair product market segment.

The judges described the winning product, Bouffe by Reabrook Ltd as “A clever solution to an embarrassing issue”. Tony Brealey, Joint Managing Director, was delighted to receive the Award from comedian Barry Cryer, on behalf of the company, at a recent national ceremony held at The Belfry in Sutton Coldfield; ”

Reabrook’s marketing team and business development manager in a joint venture with marketing agency Ant Farm Ltd developed the Bouffe product concept. The team spotted a gap in the market as a result of hearing a lecture about the problems of thinning hair amongst older women. There was no specialist product that would counteract the problem and give women confidence by disguising problem hair. The addition of silica silylate gave thickness and volume whilst the colours offer cover for roots. To ensure that the product performed throughout the day, a fixing spray was also added to the range.

The Bouffe product was the unanimous choice of the judges who were impressed by the product range, the pack design and the presentation. The judges said: “This is a multi-purpose product – it covers roots, is a dry shampoo and helps thinning hair – meeting an overlooked need and providing a complete solution to a previously unidentified issue facing older women. When the fixative and the coloured spray are used together, it provides a clever solution to what can be an embarrassing problem.

“We liked the design of the cans as the caps clearly indicate the colour of each product and the back-of-can label was easy to read. It’s a fun and fashion-led solution as it could be used by anyone just to boost the texture of the hair.”

Reabrook commission on-site microbiological testing facility

Reabrook Ltd are delighted to announce that they have recently commissioned a microbiological testing facility based on their 16-acre site in Moira, Derbyshire. The laboratory will be used by their technical team working within the R&D, QC and the Manufacturing departments providing Reabrook with the ability to conduct internal microbiological testing of raw materials, personal care products and cleaning validations. The investment in this facility further improves operational efficiency.

The facility includes a class II microbiological laminar flow safety cabinet which will ensure both operator and environmental protection and crucially product protection during the testing process reducing the risk of product or cross contamination. Inflow air passes through a HEPA filter before entering the workspace creating an air curtain at the front aperture to prevents the egress of air from the cabinet. All the exhaust air also passes through a HEPA filter thus preventing cross contamination.

The safety cabinet meets BS EN 12469 performance standard and BS 5726 standards. The laboratory is fully plastic clad with hygienic easy wipe down panels and mobile cupboard units to ensure all cleaning activities can be easily achieved with little disruption to the day to day activities. Initially the microbiological testing carried out will be ‘total viable count, ‘yeast and mould’ water and environmental monitoring. Temperature controlled and monitored incubators will ensure that the testing carried out is reliable and reproducible. A validation of the systems and testing regimes in place is to be carried out on commissioning.

New Personal Care Bottle Filling Line

To meet increasing volume from existing clients and additional work from new clients, Reabrook has invested in a new, personal care bottling line, complete with a four head filler. The recently commissioned line has increased combined bottling capacity and broadened the range of bottle shapes and sizes that can be handled. The line is located within a clean room area, which boasts a medical standard clean room, two phase blending facility and positive air-pressure filling area. The line has been completed to meet the latest CE requirements and validated to a high cleaning standard.

The filling line is equipped to fill a range of various personal care products with full diving nozzles to increase fill speeds (12-32 bottles per minute) and reduce foaming during filling. The controls are PLC and pneumatically operated system to ensure the flow of containers supplied from the rotary table is maintained throughout out the production process. Interchangeable cylinders fitted with rotary valves to allow accuracy of fill weights as low as 10ml up to 1000ml with a portable chassis that can be easily disconnected from line for cleaning and maintenance to maintain efficiency.

All wet parts are fitted with 316 stainless steel including the frame and safety interlocks. ‘This is an important enhancement to our offering, enabling us to continue to support our customers throughout their development programme and into larger-scale operations,’ said Tony Brealey, Joint Managing Director. The installation of the line fulfills Reabrook’s wish to ensure that they can help their customers create the products they need by providing a full-service manufacturing facility for aerosols and liquids, this can begin with market and trend analysis, through to research and development, creative and design, manufacturing, quality assurance and finally logistics.

Reabrook gains Good Manufacturing Practice Accreditation

Reabrook are delighted to announce that they have received accreditation to ISO22716:2007. This certification demonstrates that their 14-acre Reabrook site in Moira near Swadlincote manufactures cosmetics according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Standard. Reabrook had to undergo a rigorous assessment and audit process in order to receive the accreditation which required the successful completion of the training programme and an independently witnessed audit to verify competency to the required standard. ISO 22716 provides Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines that underpin the European Union’s Regulation on cosmetics manufacture and allows Reabrook to demonstrate a harmonised approach within the EU.

Reabrook Ltd have attained GMP certification to integrate with the Companies existing ISO9001:2008 and BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products certifications. Certification to ISO 22716 provides compliance to all of the recommendations of the Cosmetics GMP Guidelines through its approach to documentation and regulation of the production, control, storage and shipment of product. It aims to enhance the safety of consumer cosmetic products through the definition of manufacturing good practice across all elements of the supply chain leading to the production of cosmetics to the correct specification.

Joint Managing Director Tony Brealey stated “We have used the ISO22716 Standard to apply GMP to all aspects of Reabrook manufacture; for the cosmetic and non-cosmetic products that Reabrook produce. GMP will cascade fully through the Reabrook manufacturing philosophy with the objective to not only operate to good manufacturing practice but for Reabrook to benefit from cost-effective manufacturing processes and procedures whilst delivering high quality, safe and legal products to all customers regardless of product type”.