Hand Sanitisers and Key Workers: Reabrook’s Year in Review 2020

Reabrook Perseveres During Lockdown

2020 has been a challenging and volatile year for people and businesses alike, so much so that many of us are glad to see the year out. In the space of two lockdowns, Reabrook Ltd has been fortunate enough to remain a successful and productive company despite essential social distancing measures and office-based staff mostly working from home.

Throughout the year we have reached, and at times surpassed, our sales targets, with strong contributions coming from all members of the Reabrook team. As ‘key workers,’ we gave specific priority to the creation and distribution of hand sanitisers, but we have worked hard to keep all our customers satisfied, not just those requesting sanitation products. As a result, we had a very successful second quarter.

We hope that our customers and families stay safe at this uniquely challenging time, and as we enter 2021 we will continue to create great products as a professional manufacturer you can rely on. 

Our switch to repurposed layer pads

Despite environmental issues taking an unintentional back seat this year, at Reabrook we have not forgotten the importance of sustainability. Amongst our efforts to manufacture products in a greener environment, Reabrook now uses repurposed cardboard layer pads across all of our palletised products.

Rainbow Hand Sanitisers

To support local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ball Aerosol Packaging reached out to both Lindal Group and Reabrook Ltd to collaborate on the design, production, and filling of 25,000 Rainbow Hand Sanitisers. Reabrook supplied the formulation (with a concentrate containing 75% alcohol) which was praised for its easy dispensing and successful tests showing its effectiveness against all enveloped viruses. The cans were filled on one of our high-speed filling lines, then safety checked with leak detection and pressure testing.

This proactive partnership has allowed the Rainbow Hand Sanitiser project to be executed with speed and convenience, which is of great importance during the pandemic. The cans were ultimately divided equally between the three companies so that they could be distributed to each of their local communities.

What’s next in 2021?

The future is currently more uncertain than ever. However, at Reabrook we believe that with caution, preparation, and a positive mindset, we can see through the new year as a success for ourselves and our customers. Initiatives like the Rainbow Hand Sanitiser project are paramount to Reabrook’s mantra to create bespoke, specialist products and we will continue to provide these services year on year.

We wish you a happy and safe 2021.