• We regularly review human and environmental aspects of materials to find an optimum balance between effectiveness, safety and environmental impacts during their life-cycle.
  • We are compliant with REACH and all regulations.
  • We constantly investigate ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.
  • Any detergents we use comply with biodegradability requirements of the Detergents Directive.
  • We are developing water-based products as an alternative to solvent-based products and providing concentrated professional products to reduce packaging environmental impact.
  • Our purchasing team is tasked to ensure that all paper-based materials are from FSC sources, using recycled materials where possible. Working with suppliers to ensure packing and components are able to be recycled.

Commitment to the Future

  • We will continue to invest in further ways to reduce our consumption of water and fuel oil.
  • We aim to continually reduce the environmental impact of our transportation by working alongside customers to reduce the number of deliveries we make.
  • We have invested and are continuing to invest in lighting fitted with sensors to ensure energy is only used when required.
  • Reabrook is proud to sponsor and support The National Forest.
  • We will continually develop products to meet the stringent requirements for marine environments.
  • We pledge to continue to source supply of energy from renewable sources.

Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Commitment to minimising raw material and finished product waste.
  • Continuing to reduce our consumption of energy and water; having achieved a reduction in electricity usage of 27% and reduction in fuel oil usage of 33% over the last year.
  • Committing to continue 100% recycling of aerosol container waste.
  • Ensuring that any solvent waste is recycled in other industries by using local waste disposal partners.
  • Using compressed air to power our aerosols. A completely renewable resource, compressed air can be used instead of LPG or other gases to minimise our impact to the environment.


  • All of our employees, regardless of department, are tasked to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We ensure that our Energy and Environment Teams work alongside employees to continue the reduction of waste and identify further ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • All of our employees are active in ensuring that waste paper, cardboard and toner are recycled.

Management Systems

  • We continually optimise efficiency and safe use of chemicals as well as minimising our use of water.
  • We are continually improving our operations with Good Manufacturing Practice, meeting and exceeding the requirements of environmental, quality and service accreditations.
  • We comply with legislation to minimise our impact on the wider environment.

Since 2011 Reabrook Ltd has sponsored The National Forest. Reabrook Ltd are directly involved with planting & funding 42,000 trees; creating over 50 acres of woodland. Numerous members of staff from Reabrook Ltd have worked on various volunteer projects at the sponsored site of Boothorpe Wood.