Arrow Solutions: Making Rail Cleaner and Greener

Rail cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufacturer Arrow Solutions has broken new industry ground with its range of powered by compressed air (pbca) aerosols. As the first and only company in the world to develop pbca products for rail, Arrow Solutions is taking its ongoing commitment to the environment one-step further. Arrow Solutions’ pbca aerosols are not only eco-friendly, but also more cost-efficient than their traditional, gas propelled counterparts.

Unlike other aerosols that use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Arrow Solutions’ new range of products is powered entirely by the most natural ingredient of all: compressed air. The innovation makes products more sustainable, reduces carbon footprint and helps the rail industry take a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the elimination of flammable gas yields significant improvements in safety.

“The environmental benefits were what prompted us to develop the range back in 2013,” explains Richard Havon, rail sales manager for Arrow Solutions. “In the process, we’ve identified additional benefits of the pbca technology. For example, traditional aerosols contain up to 40 per cent propellant, which the buyer has to pay for. By replacing the LPG propellant with pbca technology, the quantity of actual product in each aerosol increases, meaning that the cost in use is significantly better.”

Arrow Solutions’ pbca range contains several products, including the popular degreaser Lotoxane (Rail Cat No: 007/025037), which is effective in cleaning electrical and mechanical components without damaging them. Lotoxane has a safe high flash point of 62 degrees Celsius. There is also a rapid drying version of Lotoxane available, which evaporates six times faster than the original.

For the hard winter months, Arrow Solutions has also developed its Polar De-Icer (Rail Cat No: 007/025119) to help train operating companies provide quick and immediate ice removal.

To make rail cleaning and maintenance even easier, Arrow Solutions created a pbca aerosol version of its Shield product, which protects against corrosion. QED, Arrow Solutions’ fast evaporating low odour solvent degreaser and Leak Detector, which can identify leaks in pressurised systems such as air conditioning, are also available as pbca aerosols.